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kcstllo asked for this feature 12 months ago — 8 comments

kcstllo commented 12 months ago

Notifications to a Discord channel. Is this possible?

| Banthaf0dder commented 9 months ago

This would be fantastic. Throwing in my support.

jpeizer commented 9 months ago

I too am throwing in my support for this notification agent.

| warplayer commented 7 months ago

Is this being worked on? Would love to see this feature.

| k0b4lt commented 6 months ago in case you need info for implementing this. Would love to see this as a notification agent as well

| ozyiceman commented 6 months ago

@k0bit you can already send notifications to discord with the slack notification agent by appending /slack to the end of the slack webhook url, but you have to disable posters to do it as the slack api features adapted for discord are limited, attachments specifically...personally i use the twitter notification agent and then use a Zapier webhook to post it to discord so i get the posters

that being said, i would like to see a native discord notification agent w/ poster functionality :)

| theflacko commented 4 months ago

would love to see this happen asap <3

| PR3SIDENT commented 2 months ago

this would be great!

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