Auto-Link Remover (options in description)

spark942 asked for this feature about 1 month ago — 2 comments

spark942 commented about 1 month ago

Auto-Link Remover

  • Add a toggable command per text channel that can detect any link and auto-remove them.
    .alr (Auto Link Removal) - Auto Link Removal is now set for this channel! This could be done the same way for uploaded images. This is purely a fast and easy moderation and discord organization feature i've been waiting for.
  • Add a command to whitelist links
    .whitelistlink strict
    .wl [domain|subdirectory|strict]
    domain : allow all links with the same domain
    subdirectory : allow all links starting with
    strict : need to be exactly the same link

| julian100004 commented 8 days ago

Maybe also add a Link Cooldown? So users can send links, but only every 5/10/15 minutes?

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