Stop music if all users in the channel are deafened

ManuelFte asked for this feature about 1 month ago — 2 comments

ManuelFte commented about 1 month ago

Very frequently users play something and then turn deafened, making the bot work for nothing; sometimes for hours (even going to sleep), which at the end can make the music module crash. I think the bot should detect this and stop the playback.

There's the option to set an AFK channel but this defeats the very purpose of the music channels of being able to leave the music playing on the background while you're working. The problem are the users who aren't even listening and just wasting resources and causing issues.

| redsauce117 commented about 1 month ago

Oh my gosh, yes. This is a feature I would love as well. As a normal bot hoster, this kind of thing is a MUST for me. I can't have users listening to music while deafened, using up my bandwidth.

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