Level up roles

ConnerItayi asked for this feature about 1 month ago — 6 comments

ConnerItayi commented about 1 month ago

Server based roles granted based on either an XP count or a server score, similar to Tatsumaki.

| Kwoth commented 28 days ago Admin

It would take days to add something like this and make it be at least half-decent.

| SillyBirds commented 9 days ago

@Kwoth disregarding the xp thing, what about if the bot only kept track of posted messages and assigned roles based on activity?

| willysunny commented 8 days ago

I see no benefit for such option other than showing off. Possible lead to more spam

| Namstrawhat commented 3 days ago

can you combine mee6 and Tatsumaki. or something like different levels stuff. keep track on that server

| Namstrawhat commented 3 days ago

like to have leveling that can award flowers

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