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Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
Radarr/Radarr Do not download before release date 45 CouchPotato had a great feature to not download before release date. Please add.
Radarr/Radarr Option to not automatically download movies 2 I would like the ability to not have Radarr automatically download movies. Rather, when movies are found, it adds it to the list of found movies so we can choose which we would like to download.


Project Feature Comment When
Radarr/Radarr Global Filters: Preferred, Required, Ignored Would like this as well. 18 days ago


Vote When Project Feature
15 days ago Radarr/Radarr Add an "Unmonitored" filter to the movies list
15 days ago Radarr/Radarr Display current quality of movie when importing existing
18 days ago Radarr/Radarr Global Filters: Preferred, Required, Ignored
21 days ago Radarr/Radarr Auto-search for newly added movies
21 days ago Radarr/Radarr Allow Setting Indexer Download Priority for Same Release on Multiple Indexers
21 days ago Radarr/Radarr Preserve Subtitles When Importing Download
21 days ago Radarr/Radarr Delete folder from source after moving the file