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Foebik asked for this feature about 1 month ago — 26 comments

Foebik commented about 1 month ago

Please give us the option to NOT use movie folders. I would like to have the option to have the movie files go straight to a root directory.

And example of this in CP is the option under the renamer.

Default folder where the movies are moved/copied/linked to To: H:\Movies\

Forgive me if this was previously requested. I did a quick search and did not see it. Or if I am just being blind and its somewhere I haven't looked yet.

| khaoohs commented about 1 month ago

+1 for this request. Movies can be in a single, flat folder. Supporting files for a movie should be named the same as the movie.

Hellboy.mkv Hellboy.nfo Hellboy-banner.jpg Hellboy-clearart.png Hellboy-disc.png Hellboy-fanart.jpg Hellboy-landscape.jpg Hellboy-logo.png Hellboy-poster.jpg

| mow4cash commented about 1 month ago

+1 It's so much cleaner this way

| JourneyOver commented about 1 month ago

how exactly is this cleaner @mow4cash ?? having the layout like so

D:\ --> D:\Movies -----> D:\Movies{movie name} and then inside that folder have the stuff below

{movie name}.mkv {movie name}.nfo {movie name}-{picture stuff}.jpg

it's honestly so much cleaner than having all the pictures and nfo and movies scattered around in a single folder..

So I honestly hope if this does become a thing, it's just an option that you can turn on or off.

| Foebik commented about 1 month ago

All we want is a check box JourneyOver. I personally dont use or need all those supporting files. I just need the video file. So one file per directory is messy for me. Having them all in a flat directory is easier for me to admin by just looking at a list were I can find and sort by such things as file size.

Hope that clears up why some of us would perfer this 'option'.

HitsvilleUK commented 29 days ago

JourneyOver, although I totally agree with your view on what is a cleaner layout, I also see no harm it being an option for those who prefer flat folders. Fear not though, even if it does get implemented flat folders would have to be toggled off by default. Otherwise Radarr becomes dead to any Plex user (possibly Emby too.) Personally I would also prefer to see an option to lock the chosen selection.

| screwyluie commented 29 days ago

Can we have middle ground as well? I like having them sorted alphabetically in folders... I know, I'm difficult

| bradmurray commented 29 days ago

+1. Many people just have one file per movie. It makes no sense in this case to have folders. My metadata is managed by my clients in their own space.

| ryanborstelmann commented 29 days ago

+1. I use Plex, and as such all poster art, etc is stored in Plex's application data directories - I have one file for nearly every movie, since MKV can store subtitles in the container as well. I use one flat folder for movies, and Plex works with it just fine. I'd love to import my movies into Radarr, but it can never find any for obvious reasons. A more flexible folder scheme would be ideal - either a checkbox for the end user, or some logic built in to know the difference without asking (like Plex must have).

irespek commented 29 days ago

+1. Would love to see it implemented as an option. Thank you.

HitsvilleUK commented 29 days ago

@ryanborstelmann . You do realise that Plex is one the Media apps that instructs using separate folders for each movie? If it works for you then great... Just saying !! :-)

| ryanborstelmann commented 28 days ago

@HitsvilleUK, Indeed I do, but when I first moved to Plex, that's how my movies were organized - Plex just smiled and worked like a charm!

At this point, every service can handle the flat folder structure (including Sonarr!), so I'm really hoping Radarr supports it soon! It's easier for me to use Radarr in a nerfed state without media handling than rebuild my Plex and Sonarr libraries :D

| geogolem commented 24 days ago

i prefer having it all in one folder too as thats how i have been maintaining my stuff... so I would like to see it implemented as an option at least...

| geogolem commented 19 days ago

someone else also made another request for this: http://feathub.com/Radarr/Radarr/+75

| nzlittleman commented 19 days ago

+1 having the option is no harm to anyone but good for those that like it.

Currently I Radarr isn't picking up the fact I have a heap of movies as they aren't in folders. Regards them as 'missing' (or is that something I've set up wrong?).

linds1234 commented 17 days ago

This is an interesting one.

I spent a couple of days moving all my movies from a flat folder structure, to a per folder structure. I actually preferred flat (which Emby actually worked fine with, so it can be flat or per-folder from that perspective). But radarr wouldn't import any movies that weren't in a folder so I bit the bullet. I then had to rename all the files to include the word "Bluray" in there so the download quality would get detected correctly (instead of HDTV).

For some people flat folder structure is neater as they have no other metadata info populating it. I'm all for the option.

| bradmurray commented 16 days ago

+1 this is the only reason I haven't switched from CP

| talisto commented 13 days ago

+1, this is hugely beneficial when using cloud storage providers, as having Plex scan for new content from the cloud would only require one directory list instead of having to scan through hundreds of subdirectories (which results in accounts getting temporarily banned on Google Drive).

| nzlittleman commented 13 days ago

Is there an option to put them all in folders easily or without this option would we need to create and move them manually like linds1234 did? If I had to do that - sorry, but I'd stick to CP which is a shame because so far I'm loving everything else.

xxredxpandaxx commented 11 days ago

+1 to this.

bfeist commented 9 days ago

+1 Plex user. No need to force a certain folder structure.

| Drewster727 commented 7 days ago

+1 This really should exist. I do not and will not have a folder for each movie. :)

| darknessgp commented 6 days ago

+1 for me. This is a must have. I do one file per movie, and I'm not restructuring my files because Radarr is too strict.

| mfeuhrer commented 6 days ago

Just found Radarr and it already works better for me than CouchPotato did, but this subfolder thing is bugging me to no end. As others have commented, I do not want to change my entire library around just to make Radarr happy. Please include the option to disable subfolders.

| DarrenMcCall commented 6 days ago

I prefer a single root folder for the majority of my films also. Please add this feature.

| ghallford commented 3 days ago

I also need this feature for my movies. No folders option please.

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