Preserve Subtitles When Importing Download

vertigo235 asked for this feature 4 months ago — 9 comments

vertigo235 commented 4 months ago

Option to preserve subtitles contained in a release when moving from download folder to movie folder.

| Elfman72 commented 4 months ago

Or have them downloaded when the file is moved. CP does this as well as the trailer. Would lave to have both.

| scutzi128 commented 4 months ago

This would be great. One of the only missing features from CP that I use.

livejamie commented 3 months ago

Yes please

| pdf commented 3 months ago

Now implemented in Sonarr, should be possible to pull it in: https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/pull/1544

| mattmac24 commented about 1 month ago

Any rough timeline for when this will be pulled across? Or is Radarr going to implement their own subtitles solution?

galli-leo commented about 1 month ago Admin

@mattmac24 Probably both and no rough timeline, though work has been started on a seperate branch.

| sammy2142 commented about 1 month ago

It would be great if you could try and preserve the language of the subtitle files too when renaming (if language is included in name of subtitle file):

i.e. movie.release.name.mkv movie.release.name.english.srt movie.release.name.french.sub movie.release.name.french.idx

becomes Movie name.mkv Movie name.en.srt Movie name.fr.sub Movie name.fr.idx

etc using ISO 639-1 language codes (Plex and kodi support these): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes

| hernandito commented 17 days ago

I also plead for keeping AND/OR downloading non existing subs. The key would be to search based on the releasing group of the download. This way the subs are matched and synchronized.

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