Chrome plugin to add movies from imdb

ZataH asked for this feature about 1 month ago — 6 comments

ZataH commented about 1 month ago

Chrome plugin to add movies from imdb, as you can with CP

seanvree commented 27 days ago

You can add a "list" now from your IMDB watchlist FYI.

| simonk83 commented 25 days ago

This is my number 1 feature at the moment. I use the CP plugin/bookmarklet all the time.

| alias1 commented 22 days ago

+1, but would also be good to be able to include other sites as well. Eg. trakt.tv

Bonus points if there is some simple'ish way to expand it to other sites myself. Eg. local movie theatres 'new releases' type pages.

onedr0p commented 21 days ago

This is outside of the scope of Radarr, any third party developer feel free to use our API to complete this feature.

geogolem commented 19 days ago

for things like trakt.tv.. you can just make an account there and creaet lists.. and have radarr grab the stuff from the list.. likewise for imdb... so you dont really need to have a plugin in order to get this functionality you could just those websites interfaces and features directly and have radarr pick up your data. ..

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