Multiple Language Profiles

onedr0p asked for this feature 2 months ago — 6 comments

onedr0p commented 2 months ago

Currently you are only allowed to specify one language in a Profile, would be nice to specify more than one. Ideally turning select-box into a check-box on the profile set up pop-up.

| JigSawFr commented about 2 months ago

Could be great with a priority system !

tac00 commented about 2 months ago

+1 for this option. Most of my movies cant be auto downloaded because some contains the words NORDiC etc. And then Radarr thinks the torrent is in Norwegian language but its wrong its still in english.

| saitoh183 commented about 1 month ago

In CPS i prioritize movies with multi there names so i can get dual audio but when it is not available, i have to get the french and english movie. Having multiple profile, i could add the movie once and not have to chose if i need the movie in one language or the other.

Stibbons commented 16 days ago

+1 for multilanguage (MULTI). Also french/truefrench differences

| hbooo commented 5 days ago

Agreed, it would be great to have several languages available in profile, associated with tags we could be able to download everything correctly

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