Auto-search for newly added movies

bsod99 asked for this feature 23 days ago — 8 comments

bsod99 commented 23 days ago

Have Radarr automatically search your indexers when a new movie is added to Radarr from a method other than the Add Movie screen. For example: a movie from 2003 is added to your IMDB watchlist and pulled down by Radarr. Radarr will technically monitor RSS for this movie, but it has been out for a while so no new releases will be grabbed automatically. Currently you have to go to the missing tab and trigger a search. It would be convenient for Radarr to either trigger a search when it adds a new movie, or for Radarr to search for your missing movies on a certain time schedule.

| geogolem commented 19 days ago

i agree.. there should some feature to specify a time period or time when radarr triggers an automatic search all missing.

| fash202 commented 19 days ago

Definitely need this, without it things like Plex requests and adding watchlists is basically useless

| SanderScamper commented 17 days ago

Definitely a requirement, I use plexrequests (ombi) as my preferred easiest way of adding movies and it doesn't trigger a search.

| linds1234 commented 17 days ago

This would be great, I often add older movies to my IMDB which are quite old. So for them to be searched, even if it's just on a schedule, would be great.

| schlosserbd commented 15 days ago

only thing stopping me from completely switching from couchpotato

| louis-lau commented 15 days ago

Definitly need this for importing lists. But Ombi actually automatically searches it already @SanderScamper

porkie02 commented 12 days ago

Ombi already auto searches you probably just need to double check the Ombi settings because it works fine here.

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