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A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato. - https://radarr.video

Multi-user support

Created 24 days ago by mgiljum

Prefer scene groups

Created about 15 hours ago by Weavus

Add download path to Deluge

Created 12 days ago by zmasterar

Moving completed file based on filename

Created about 1 month ago by Buster14

Static Download Link

Created about 1 month ago by Dimtar

Created about 1 hour ago by ximox69

Assign indexer(s) to movie

Created 19 days ago by mrjack711

Variable 'years' for lists

Created 17 days ago by McCloud

Suggested Movies workflow changes

Created about 2 months ago by astlaurent

Calendar: Year View

Created 14 days ago by diedrichg