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A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato. - https://radarr.video

BRRip needs it's own catagory.

Created about 2 months ago by Prolesious

Notification when movie added by a list

Created about 1 month ago by Stibbons

Prioritise retention days

Created 4 months ago by samtrois

Ignore Subfolders

Created 20 days ago by rtm135

Different Qualities per profile

Created 15 days ago by elitErik

Deleted - Duplicate

Created 2 months ago by jlr2000

Calendar: Year View

Created 2 months ago by diedrichg
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Add alphareign.se API?

Created 3 months ago by mina-gaid
-13 +1

Support for TV shows

Created 2 months ago by silentmiles