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A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato. - https://radarr.video

Hardcoded subtitles toggle

Created 6 days ago by ersan

Switch to Sonarr link

Created 7 days ago by nlibby987

Multiple qualities

Created 9 days ago by eb98jdb

Sort list by release date

Created 17 days ago by nimbuz

Download movies in place

Created 21 days ago by ripbit

Ability to logout.

Created 22 days ago by ecob81

Download status under "Wanted"

Created 23 days ago by ecob81

Created 24 days ago by ximox69

Prefer scene groups

Created 24 days ago by Weavus

Letterboxd Watchlist Import

Created 25 days ago by alawood