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A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato. - https://radarr.video

Modify Columns in Table view

Created about 11 hours ago by eddinsw

Button to autosearch from the homepage

Created about 18 hours ago by skoden

Add simkl to the list

Created 1 day ago by joelm3103

A better mobile interface

Created 1 day ago by simonk83

Support for yts.ag (YIFY)

Created 2 days ago by pedrom34

Static Download Link

Created 3 days ago by Dimtar

Search by actor /director etc

Created 3 days ago by samtrois

Smart tags

Created 6 days ago by saitoh183

Integration with NZB360!!!!

Created 11 days ago by seanvree

Add tehconnection.eu indexer

Created 13 days ago by colemanfuel

Add alphareign.se API?

Created 15 days ago by mina-gaid
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