POSTPROCESSING: Add .ignore file for processed files

palmfighter asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 6 comments

palmfighter commented over 1 year ago

When a user keeps his downloads in the download folder (f.e. using HARD LINK or SOFT LINK). SickRage when running a post processing process will try to post process the files again and because the file exists in the destination folder (and has the same quality), creates a WARNING message. It would be great, and I think simple to implement, to add an .ignore file with each processed file. This way SR doesn't have to check whether or not to PP this file anymore. This will speed up the PP process and will stop the warning messages.

Myself I have now more then 4000 warning messages because of the many files I keep in the download folder.

Reason to keep the files in the download folder is for seeding to the torrent site.

| kossboss commented over 1 year ago

good idea that will save time and headache (warning messages). simple solution to a bigger problem :-)

| crowaust commented over 1 year ago

Not sure if this should be a similar new feature request or an addition to this one, adding .error file to folders that fail to post process allowing others to then be processed.

| WebSpider commented over 1 year ago

@palmfigter if you would have your torrent client create a hardlink of the downloaded content (use cp -al in unix-likes), you can postprocess the folder that has all the hardlinks, and delete from there when done postprocessing.

| brando56894 commented over 1 year ago

This would be awesome.

labrys commented over 1 year ago Admin

You can add your own .ignore files manually and add ignore to the sync file extensions.

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