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Name Description Features Votes
TJohnson93/Comandarr A bot to interact with Sonarr and Radarr from Google Assistant, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more... 3 3
KwarzaStudios/Samantha-Boilerplate A HTML5 Boilerplate using PHP, Sass, jQuery & Modernizr 0 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Comandarr is a bot that will interact with Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr (currently in development) via a number of integrations... ***IN DEVELOPMENT DO NOT TRY TO USE.*** 9 28

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
SickRage/SickRage Slack Attachments (Rich Notifications) 0 I am modifying the Slack notification feature to add support for attachments (rich notifications)... Will be performing a pull request soonish... Just thought I'd put it on here as an FYI as well.
Comandarr/Comandarr Kik Integration 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Twilio Integration 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Mycroft Integration 1
Comandarr/Comandarr Facebook Messenger Integration 0
Comandarr/Comandarr Skype Integration 0
TJohnson93/Comandarr Slack Integration 1 Integration with Slack
Comandarr/Comandarr Microsoft Cortana Integration 3


Project Feature Comment When
mattman86/Lidarr Button to autosearch from the homepage That's actually really cool! Have you posted this on Sonarr and Radarr as well? 18 days ago
Comandarr/Comandarr Sync and rename with voice Why would you need to rename by voice? You are able to set that within Sonarr, Radarr upon setup? 19 days ago


Vote When Project Feature
18 days ago mattman86/Lidarr Button to autosearch from the homepage