Solution to let PKC ignore watched status for PseudoTV and/or Tract

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croneter commented about 1 month ago Admin

Long story short, I use Trakt to track my watched status of my libraries, since it remembers whenever I install a new version of Kodi (for example).

Since I sometimes use Plex on my iPad to stream things, and Kodi at home, I use the Trakt plugins for each platform to record my watched status.

However, PseudoTV Live is just a kind of background "browsing" plugin I use, so I don't want to update my Trakt status while watching things, because of the nature of the plugin -- it acts as a kind of "live TV" browsing, so you might switch a channel to the middle of an episode.

PseudoTV Live has a setting to disable the Trakt plugin tracking, which is fine... that's what I want. However, due to PlexKodiConnect marking the episode as watched and then passing it to my Plex server, the Plex Trakt plugin then updates the watched status, which is wrong.

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