Radarr Integration

HamilcarH asked for this feature 6 months ago — 14 comments

HamilcarH commented 6 months ago

What else is there to say ? :) https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr

| tidusjar commented 6 months ago Admin

I'm a bit weary about this one. I think I'm going to wait a while and see how it get's on.

| JoeStratton commented 6 months ago

Out of curiosity, what makes you weary of this over Watcher? I am testing out both, but would love a Radarr integration.

r1nzl3r9991 commented 6 months ago

Same here, Radarr seems to be going in the direction of Sonarr (Sonarr is perfect for me at the moment). Watcher is limited to NZB's right now from what I have read.

| wjbeckett commented 6 months ago

The developers are extremely active and really helpful. Really hoping for Radarr integration!

| vertigo235 commented 6 months ago

I'm surprised how much progress they have made in a short time. I think they are going to see this one through.

| tidusjar commented 6 months ago Admin

Looks like everyone is on board, the reason for Watcher is because I did it within an hour since it requires very little information via the API.

I'll take a look at the API for Radarr.

| tidusjar commented 6 months ago Admin

SuperPotatoMen commented 6 months ago Admin

I just open a feature request on github for planning this one into a new version https://github.com/tidusjar/Ombi/issues/923

| shocker2 commented 5 months ago

Based on their (Sonarr) feedback maybe cloning the Sonarr integration will work :)

SuperPotatoMen commented 5 months ago Admin

Planned for the 2.2 release

SuperPotatoMen commented 5 months ago Admin

Re-planned to the next release! (v2.1)

SuperPotatoMen commented 5 months ago Admin

Now live in the EAP branch!

DejaVu commented 4 months ago

Radarr support!! Couchpotato seems to be slipping away lately, doesn't seem as solid as it once was. I am sooo glad this is in Plex Requests!!

Time to reinstate my Requests page! Well done lads.

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