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Elrique64 asked for this feature 5 months ago — 8 comments

Elrique64 commented 5 months ago

Currently, the music search is based on albums. I suggest that instead of albums, perhaps search for artists. (Have a toggle, maybe?) I know what artists I want for media, most people do. But they might not know what songs the artist has on which album. Unless you are a complete musicophile, not a lot of people can tell you exactly which album has what songs.

Allowing a search for artist, and then drill down to the albums of that artist, listing the individual songs would make this a lot less painful for some users.

12nick12 commented 5 months ago

Agreed with this. And maybe an individual song request

tidusjar commented 5 months ago Admin

This is a good idea, the main problem is MusicBrainz and Headphones. Both API's are very difficult to work with and are very error prone, this is the main reason why I have not made any more Music features. 50% of the time the MusicBrainz api does not return the correct results (if any) and also headphones will randomly not accept any API requests, or will process something half way through...

| BAS-MB commented 3 months ago

Just wanted to bump this since its been 2 months. Would love an artist search instead of albums. On the artist search results user would have the option to request artist, and I would imagine a drop down for for any albums inside that artists results similiar to how season requests are made for TV. Hopefully things have smoothed out with a call, you could technically hit a musicbrainz mirror or alternate calls between main and mirror to help, also I recommended turning down whatever you call rate is for their API so music results maybe slower to generate in OMBI but more reliable results.

| mrwebsmith commented 3 months ago

artist search/request would be cool.. +1 i can backfill manually but knowing who my users want content from would be nice

bfir3 commented 2 months ago

+1 this would be wonderful!

| petwri commented 17 days ago

@tidusjar I actually don't see the problem. You can search for artists and albums with 2 different API calls: https://github.com/rembo10/headphones/blob/master/API.md Why not let the user choose what to search for?

bfir3 commented 14 days ago

The app is already amazing, but this feature is still at the top of my want list for Ombi.

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