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BurgerLUA/burgerstation Ammo loading machine, and better ammo boxes 3 The ammo loading machine is a static machine in the armoury that you can: 1. pay for regular ammo, 2. either pay more or insert special materials for "match-grade" ammo (opposite of surplus) and 3. insert a variety of special materials for different ammo types (eg. ballistic steel for armour piercing, drake scales for drakeshot, etc) Better ammo boxes as in, a way to store bulk quantities (1-5 mags worth?) of a single type of loose bullets, and can also scoop bullets of the floor and load them into magazines for faster ammo management.
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Shotgun shell holding attachment 4 an attachment for shotguns that holds 1 handful of shells. click it with shells to first load the shotgun tube before cramming the entire remaining handful into the holder (or loading the shells into the holder one by one) click it with an empty hand to pull out the entire handful at once (or alt-click it to pull out one shell at a time) already sprited a 12g version
BurgerLUA/burgerstation "Man-Portable" Weapon[s] of Mass Destruction 0 weapon[s] so absurdly powerful and massive (think: hipfire 20mm "vulcan" rotary cannon) that it absolutely requires the accompanying hardsuit[s] to even hold. to balance the sheer power of the weapon, the hardsuit[s] would take up nearly every armour/accessory/storage slot (eg. every clothing slot is parts of the suit, back slot is filled with an integrated ammo bag that's the only container that can hold the ammo[es] as well as a small amount of storage for other items, belt slot is some kind of utility module, holster has the weapon's holster that can only hold the weapon and is the only thing that can hold the weapon, etc.), takes an entire IFF computer to use, is very hard to obtain, and is a logistical nightmare outside of combat.
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Slam-fire for pump-action shotguns 2 hold down lmb and spam z to slam-fire, obvious major accuracy reduction
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Shotgun and Shotgun shell changes/additions 2 1. buckshot could be more realistic without ruining balance; tighter spread, no piercing damage, the "clusters" of pellets that it shoots could be treated like multiple pellets stacked on top of each other instead of acting like 1 projectile, so the flat damage reduction from armour has greater impact. it'll be even more effective against unarmoured targets with improved range but do pretty much jack-shit against the more armoured enemies. 2. make slugs actually worth using, buff the damage to be on-par with 12.7 sniper shots in terms of raw damage as it's still a 12 gauge chunk of lead going faster than the speed of sound, but less pierce and lower accuracy because it's a chunk of lead coming out of a shotgun, not a specially shaped bullet coming out of a sniper rifle 3. (and this ties in with my ammo loading machine suggestion) boxes of specialty slugs/projectiles to load into shells sold in vendors or even custom made. I'm talking about things like mini-HEAT/HESH rounds, armour-busting sabots, smoke grenade shells, maybe even beanbag/baton rounds. really whatever you feel like coding in, shotguns are one of the most versatile firearms when it comes to ammo.


Project Feature Comment When
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Barricades, floors, and more decorative options for the RCD. sounds good, but a bed working like a really slow sleeper sounds like something that would be cool 14 days ago
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Belt Pouch for Shells what about a webbing/vest version? 14 days ago
BurgerLUA/burgerstation "Man-Portable" Weapon[s] of Mass Destruction yeah, but at the cost of not being able to do anything else essentially 14 days ago
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Grandes, grandes and more grandes more chemical explosives, I want methbombs! 14 days ago


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14 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Barricades, floors, and more decorative options for the RCD.
14 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Expansion on the miscellanous skills such as Crafting and Alchemy
14 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Grandes, grandes and more grandes