DOT and energy drain weapons (different damage types)

manylegged asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 7 comments

manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

fire, acid, EMP, etc.

GeckGlobal commented over 1 year ago

DoT effects would be great to see!

I have a few suggestions on how you could achieve this with minimal effort as well: - A blanket flag to cover DoT in general that you can add to a weapon/s Existing flags which would eliminate the need to name it fire, acid, EMP, etc. The mod maker then has the opportunity to label the type of damage it is, how much DPS it does with its DoT. (essentially like naming a custom block)

I imagine it would look something like this: { 18014, scale = 2, name = "^2Acidic Laser - Tier 2^7", features = TURRET|LASER|DOT, group = 8, points = 8, -- 25% increase durability = 0.75, -- 50% increase blurb = "^2Inexpensive short range acidic laser, deadly in quantity^7", density = 0.15, fillColor = 0x113077, fillColor1 = 0x205079, lineColor = 0x00ff00, laser = { power = 5, -- 50% increase width = 4, damage = 125, -- 25% increase color = 0x7f68228b, range = 500 -- 25% increase DoT = { name = "Acid", minDamage = 1, maxDamage = 10, damageTime = 4 } } },

| Draxiss314 commented over 1 year ago

I feel like this is a couple different suggestions. There's the damage type specification suggestion, the DoT suggestion, and the EMP (or other status effect) suggest. When I mentioned EMP, I was thinking of attacks such as lasers and plasma having an additional powerDrain (and possibly powerAbsorb?) value that drains (with a positive value) or delivers (with a negative value) power to the target vessel.

| Abstrusle commented over 1 year ago

Eh, if it's combined all into one tag though, it may be compact enough to work and give content.

| Tankhusk commented over 1 year ago

Fire, acid, EMP, - Yes XD +1

manylegged commented about 1 year ago Admin

Rystiya commented 8 days ago Lasers could be given another varieable ’Drain’ , in addition to existing ones like ‘damage’ and ‘linearForce’. Lasers with positive ‘Drain’ take energy from target to attacker, while negative ‘drain’ do the opposite. A laser with negative ‘damage’ and positive ‘drain’ can take energy only from allies. A laser with positive ‘damege’ and negative ‘drain’ will give energy to the enemies. This feature may allow moderate to build super weapons which takes the energy of a entire fleet to work.

| Arcyriea commented 2 months ago

Could it be possible to be like, creating an AOE DOT field which will stay in space for x secs, damaging any blocks over time that went into the field (even degenerate their energy reserves, or just acting like an artificial slow field).

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