Limited Turret Firing Arc

Draxiss314 asked for this feature 12 months ago — 6 comments

Draxiss314 commented 12 months ago

Allow modders to create turrets with limited firing arcs. They are able to specify the angle relative to the default 'forward' position for the weapon as the starting angle, as well as specify with width of the angle the weapon can aim about.

Obviously the auto-p value should take the width of the firing arc into account and provide an appropriate p-discount, with an arc width of 0 radians (regardless of where the initial firing angle is set to) being equivalent in p-value to a non-turreted weapon.

| Draxiss314 commented 12 months ago

I think Wowie suggested it first on the Discord, since they asked about limited traverse angles.

| Hamiradon commented 12 months ago

This would be the ultimate solution for making proper "battleship" like designs, where the placement of the guns actually matter.

| Jolt303 commented 12 months ago

I was going to suggest this because of the rotatable thrusters, I like this idea alot

| Tankhusk commented 11 months ago

This is def in top stuff wanted. It as suggested allows for true battleship guns, and is a good answer to the whole trying to make good broad side like ships.

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Implemented, closing

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