Inactive Block Decay

Draxiss314 asked for this feature 10 months ago — 5 comments

Draxiss314 commented 10 months ago

Allow modders to add a DECAY tag to their blocks. If said block is not in use by a ship (or part of a deactivated station), then the part either begins to slowly deconstruct or take damage at a rate specified by the modder.

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

I thought plants already use something like this? Couldn't you take their tag? I'm not sure.

| Draxiss314 commented 9 months ago

They do not. All plant blocks have a limited lifespan, but that lifespan is independent of whether they are a component of a larger structure or not.

Abstrusle commented 9 months ago

I'm also 90% sure there already is a DECAY tag. You'd need another name for the tag.

| Owlfeathers commented 9 months ago

SELFDAMAGE or something maybe?

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