Cannon or laser burst upon block death

ConsiderTheFollowing asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 4 comments

ConsiderTheFollowing commented almost 2 years ago

There could be a parameter for a cannon or laser shot/burst when a block dies. For example, a missile with a shotgun death burst would shoot out a shotgun blast instead of exploding. Another example could be armor blocks that release shockwaves when they are destroyed.

| Rystiya commented almost 2 years ago

“For example, a missile with a shotgun death burst would shoot out a shotgun blast instead of exploding.”,One use feature can do exactly the same. Still, it could be useful if blocks can be set to release fragments when they are destroyed.

| Randommnumbers commented over 1 year ago

The ONEUSE feature is triggered by weapon fire and causes the block to die, the suggested new feature triggers the gun to shoot when the block dies; they're different. This "ON_DEATH" feature can work nicely with NEVERFIRE to create fragmenting missiles that burst on impact.

manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

adding comment from Randomnumbers on deathFeatures:

RandomnumbersLast Sunday at 7:52 PM I've been testing extensively with the deathFeatures, and it appears that deathFeatures=CANNON requires a command present on the same cluster to work? This sorta makes ondeath cannons unusable with dumbfire torpedoes and mines. Might I suggest treating deathFeatures=CANNON similar to fragments, in which base cannon field parameters are used as a fragment that is fired once the block is destroyed, and also disregards non-frag parameters in the cannon field such as roundsPerSec, burstyness, and power. Essentially allowing the block to fire a forced, burstyness=1 burst of the base cannon the moment it is destroyed, and any subsequential frags attached to the base cannon work normally too.

I've also been told that NEVERFIRE prevents the ondeath cannon from firing, which the tag probably shouldnt be doing. NEVERFIRE would be useful in preventing ondeath cannon missiles from prematurely firing their cannons before impact. Citation needed.

On a separate note, would it be possible to get an explosive tag that allows the explosion of a block, cannon, or laser to also damage clusters and ships of the same faction? So essentially self-damaging generator explosions that are controllable and compatible on various other features. This would allow for laser-thruster exhausts that damage the ship unless placed facing outwards, a variety of blueprint drones of different lifetimes that can self-destruct cleanly without making two hundred separate blocks to accompany their various unique designs and lifetimes cough cough, and structural weaknesses similar to the existing generators that forces players to protect in their ships.

edit: it also appears that deathFeatures=LAUNCHER crashes the game(edited) RandomnumbersLast Sunday at 9:41 PM edit edit: on further testing, it only crashes when adding deathFeatures=LAUNCHER on one block,Tail Wing id 7692 group 78, and destroying it. I've scrutinized this intensely, but I still don't know why it crashes; the thing is nearly identical to the Sheathe Body id 7686 which doesnt crash the game on the missile's detonation.

block https://gyazo.com/80aade7879874d271464d3148be3a2c2 the crash https://gyazo.com/d534ceaee3e3f4d1e314087ba9dd6485 also have a large quantity of crash logs

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