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manylegged commented 9 months ago Admin

MonsPubis: Would it be possible to have logging go into "verbose" mode regarding tournaments? Have it mention how many ships of each name spawn on each side, do the battle, then at the end report survivors (i.e 8/8 interceptors on team 1, 3/3 t4 destroyer on team 2 at the start. 8/8 interceptors on team 1, 0/3 t4 destroyer on team 2 at the end). Possibly including ship counts from ships that were built mid-fight, though I'd like to see that as an optional thing.

And while we're at it, would it be possible to use a command line parameter to have the game dump tournament-related data into a second file, in addition to the current log, so that the tournament log would be more easily parsed and/or human-readable?

The goal would be to essentially make it possible to automate battles and report losses for more persistently-oriented campaigns. Currently, an operator would have to manually tally up all the information at the end, which would demand that someone be at the helm of the tournament at all times.

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