"BELTFED" cannon feature

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AleksanderWit commented 9 months ago

It would allow you to set a "Bullets per belt" or "Bullet storage" which decides how many bullets a cannon can store at any given time. These bullets, once "made" do not need any power to be shot. This means the cannon can run fairly OK with much less power than it would otherwise need, if it is used in only shorter engagements.

The default fire rate for cannons will be used to decide how fast the bullets are made in cannons with the "BELTFED" tag. If you set the fire rate of a cannon to 10, then it means the cannon will make 10 bullets per second until the "Bullet storage" is full.

There can be two types of "BELTFED" cannons. Ones that can make bullets while firing, and ones that need to wait until the belt runs out completely or there has been a long enough time since last firing before it can begin to make any bullets again. You can specify how much time you want the gun to wait while idle before it enters a loading state However, even if the cannon can make bullets while the belt is being used, it will have to reload to a specified bullet amount before firing again if the belt manages to run out completely. This can make it smart to not overuse such guns, since then you have a downtime.

| AleksanderWit commented 9 months ago

Additional note: This could also work with lasers and charging weapons. Then there would simply be stored certain amounts of pulses or laser damage. Depending on what type of laser it is. While for charging weapons a certain amount of charges would be stored.

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