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Lapapsnow commented over 1 year ago

There are quite a few mods and users that utilise universe-altering cvars. As we know ,this effectively breaks any save that is loaded while a universe-altering mod is loaded.

I would like to ask ( and I know it's a hell of an ask ) for a validation system akin to Rimworld's save validation system.

The aim would be to inform players that the save they are loading would be aversly effected by the mods they currently have loaded.

( Perhaps comparing universe cvars changed, to the savegame's universe cvar values? )

Later down the line, I would love to see saves informing players about missing mods, or that they are adding new mods.

Eg. The savedgame previously was run with: - Anisoptera Heavy Weapons for Terran - Hardey's Funny Asteroids - Sam's 3x bigger universe

And that the player now has - Anisoptera Heavy Weapons - Lap's Ridiculous Asks - Simply Smaller Ships

and would receive the warning:

"Your saved game was previously ran with mods: X However you are now running mods: Y

You are also running Universe Values ( size changes, sector changes, etc ) that are not the same as the save's Universe Values. This will cause corruption."

Naturally, there is both a conflict, and a removal and an addition of mods to the save. But, if we inform the player of the possible issues, we let the player know what they should do to make the save load as it did originally or at least let them be aware of the dangers.

It's a big ask, but what are feathubs for? Hah.

Thanks for reading Arthur.

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