Spin-Up and Spin-Down on cannons and lasers

AleksanderWit asked for this feature 9 months ago — 3 comments

AleksanderWit commented 9 months ago

Allows you to set spin up and spin down times. Meaning while the weapon is firing, it shoots faster the longer it fires until it gets to "maximum fire rate". When it has stopped firing, it will gradually have a slower "effective fire rate" until it gets to the specified "minimum fire rate". You can have a short break in firing and then begin again without resetting to the lowest fire rate completely. It would also give a reason to not stop firing a weapon between engagements.

The maximum and minimum firerates would originate from the default firerate. It would simply be multiplied by two numbers which are specified. For example, if the minimum firerate would be 0.25 and the maximum firerate would be 2. Then the minimum firerate would be 25% of the default firerate while the maximum firerate would be 200% of the default firerate.

In this situation a laser would have more frequent pulses, each pulse doing as much damage as it would do by default. Meaning that the damage increases. On unpulsed, beam lasers the damage would simply increase until it comes to the maximum damage specified.

Charging weapons would charge faster, decreasing the time between each charge. This would increase the damage directly.

| Colonizor48 commented 8 months ago

This is way to complex

| AleksanderWit commented about 1 month ago

The explanation is quite complex but the function is really not.

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