Spliting Plasma Projectiles

Arcyriea asked for this feature 10 months ago — 3 comments

Arcyriea commented 10 months ago

A function that allow timed split of a large plasma bullet to smaller ones over time, splitted projectiles can spread to other random coded degree, however the parent bullet's damage will be splitted and distributed to each child bullets, their child's damage will reduces depend on how many childs were specified to split from the parents, but they will still able to amplify the total DPS by 1/3 - 1/5 amount to make up for loss in base damage by regrowing a bit bigger if specified by modder (otherwise they could leave the amplification field blank so there will be no damage buffing)

Of course they will still be limited by modders on how many times they split, otherwise if not the weapon range will put a stop to their reproduction

wowie-sucks-at-life commented 10 months ago

or you could just, y'know, have the split bullet's number and stats defined in their own little thing, just like how you define the "parent" bullet using cannon={}. this'd allow for much more versatility than the preset child bullet stats you propose

| CalipsoTheNymph commented 9 months ago

Agreed. Predefining splitting behavior isn’t the best

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