Diplomacy - Faction Expansion

VanillaJ asked for this feature 12 months ago — 2 comments

VanillaJ commented 12 months ago

I am happy with the current state of the game. But the only main addition I would be hoping for, would be diplomacy and faction expansion.

I want to see a fleet of my ships starting a raid on an enemy sector. A little notification, or my allies send a fast little messenger ship that tells me that they're about to start the assault.

This alone would double the worth of the game, for me at least.

(Once the raid is over and we're victorious, they set up defensive positions in the area)

A lot of the community wants this, and i'm sure it'll improve the playability of the campaign. Open to suggestions!

| VanillaJ commented 12 months ago

Let's break it down a little, objectives for this suggestion:

  • A few of the attacking ships form up in a small area and attack-move to a certain location.
  • That "Assault" squad stays relatively close together during the siege, supporting each other.
  • If that assault squad succeeds, they hold the area via one of the ships having a factory, spawning stations, and other ships. Defensive turret modules.
  • Pre-siege: Player recieves some sort of notification of the ships forming up for a siege, so they can help assist. Either by a notification on-screen or by a small "messenger" ship heading to the player's location and popping up a message.
  • All factions will be able to form an assault squad, thus setting up defensive stations throughout your faction's controlled area actually viable.
  • The assault squad will pull ships from the attacking pool of ships, or "roamers".

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