Self-Targeting Heal Beams

Draxiss314 asked for this feature 10 months ago — 5 comments

Draxiss314 commented 10 months ago

Add a feature that grants weapons which deal negative damage (that is, that deliver healing) the ability to target the vessel to which they belong. This would be a neat way to boost the autohealing abilities of the vessel and could make could make for an interesting emulation of, say, thermal radiators.

| AleksanderWit commented 10 months ago

Would be nice if healing beams could target allies independently too. It seems to be very unreliable at most currently.

manylegged commented 8 months ago Admin

Could there possibly be added repair bobble generators? They would look and be pretty much like shield generators (maybe with some visual tweaks) but they would heal blocks inside the bubble instead of defending them. The repair generator would have a specified maximum heal per second that it could use all on one block if there is only one damaged in the bubble. If there would have been multiple damaged blocks inside the bubble then it would just split the repair evenly amongst them.

manylegged commented 8 months ago Admin

^ (Aleksander Wit)

| Tankhusk commented 6 months ago

I would love repair bubbles :P. Sounds pretty cool. Also ye, the healing lasers should even be fixed to not shoot their own ship when on PD or auto fire. For those wondering why, heal beams should not regen their own ship, is because they wont be able to shoot through it XD

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