New [fireRange] field for weaponry

bluebolt1 asked for this feature 6 months ago — 2 comments

bluebolt1 commented 6 months ago

A field that overrides the range field in controlling when the AI fires a weapon would be nice, especially on weapons that heavily use fragments. The new field, which I'm going to call [fireRange], would not have an impact on the actual range of the weapon. Example usage: Cannon has 0 range and frags into a 4 pointed star. Normally, the AI would never use it, because of the initial 0 range(doesn't matter if the fragments continue to over 1000 units away). If, however, it had a fireRange field, it would use that instead of the 0 range to fire., allowing the AI to use the weapon effectively.

A fireVelocity field(for the angle calculations and whatnot) probably isn't necessary; fragments can control speeds fairly easily, but it would be nice to have.

manylegged commented 6 months ago Admin

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