New unlock mode: Unlock by searching derelicts

Arcyriea asked for this feature 11 months ago — 2 comments

Arcyriea commented 11 months ago

This unlock mode makes the player to search and scan on debris and deactivated stations to find the blueprint for the missing faction components


"unlockFrags=n": how many times a frag need to be found

"searchChance=n%": chance to found a piece of the component


VAULT unlock: https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+186

PICKUP unlock: https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+188

| Arcyriea commented 11 months ago

so here is how all the syntax are writed together: unlock={unlockMode=???, unlockFrag=n, factionTarget={n, n, n...}, unlockChance=n%, searchChance=n%, dropChance=n%}

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