CARRIER launch flag

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Arcyriea commented 11 months ago

The CARRIER feature works just like LAUNCHER, except for a minor difference, the drones once launched can return back and dock with the mother drone or the launcher themselves, while the drones are deployed the launcher will not able to replicates new drones or missile unless they are destroyed and need to be replaced, while the drones are docked they will get healed until being launched again, their lifespan also resets while docked.

The docking mechanic will works like how SEED being planted into ENVIRONMENTAL blocks, if the drone collide with the ship or in the case of NOCLIP drones they must collide with the launcher that was been used to launch them they will dock, not working well with blueprints drones unless maybe their cores are not covered completely with parts. But still not work well, so here is the idea on how to solve the problem: https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+195

Once the drones are launched there will be a preset dock delay timer in the launcher to prevent the case of drones that was launched instantly docked back.

CARRIER_BARRAGE could also be added. and please make an exception for NOCLIP and NOCLIP_ALLY with this type of block if they all belong to your own faction

When the mother drone lifespan expires, and if the child drones does not have a defined lifespan of their own they will despawn as well no matter what. Unless they have "forcedLifespan=xx" they will continue to exists after the mother drone dies. This could also serve as one of the alternatives ways for balancing infinite lifespan drones and missile

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