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danny420daleLast Thursday at 8:05 PM Idea: customizable map size wherein at some point in the savegame creation process the player is prompted to pick a number for how many sectors wide the galaxy map will be. Default of 49 sectors a side would be pre-filled in as an "anchor" suggestion, with warnings of performance issues possible up past 100. Disable 'Completionist' achievement unlock below about 33 to avoid the trivial exploit of a very small galaxy being crafted to farm it. I'm imagining a map with less than 10 sectors a side would get quite boring or crowded!

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Factions: - Number [ All ( Trys to fit all factions in ), or a number ] [ Picks random factions from the non-disabled factions ] - Intensity [ P curve for region ship spawn ] - Presence [ Reduce/increase their region size ] - Blacklist [ Disable factions from spawning, eg Terran, or modded factions. ] - Aggression [ Higher causes more hostile Faction-Agents spawned in War-Mode. ] - Passive Factions [ Enable/Disable the Borg, Flys, or Spiky Plants. ]

Map - Size [ 2x, 0.5x, Normal, ] [ Also fix long-standing mod galaxy size change save corruption issue ] - Deadspace [ Percentage of galaxy initially uncontrolled or empty ] - Game Type [ Normal, War, Expanse, etc)]

More I probably cannot remember.

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Formatting seems to have broken there, and I can't delete it. So let me try that again. It may break here too... oh well. Haha.

New Game : Galaxy Generation screen option suggestions: ( And as discussed )

  • Faction Controls:[ Number of factions : All or a number. ] [ List of factions : Control which factions spawn. ] [ Strength of factions : Let player customize P curve for region ship spawn. ] [ Presence of factions : Controls the size of faction regions, from Fit Them All, to a custom percentage for each faction. ] [ Aggression / Volume - Not useful without the far-in-the-future War Mode - but would effect Faction-Agent spawn rates, and their aggression ( How often they move towards the enemy instead of wandering, perhaps. ) ] [ Passives : Enable/Disable the Borg, Flys, or Spikey plants. ]

  • Map Controls: [ Scale : Multiplicative scale of the galaxy. 1x 1.5x 0.5x ( Could also use 50x50 sectors, or customNumber X customNumber ] [ Deadspace Percentage : Lets the galaxy have sections of space that are neutral and uninhabited by any factions. ( Passive factions? Borg, Flys, flying plants? Haha. ) ] [ Game Type - (Massive pipe dream, but here for completion) : As we discussed. Normal, War, other fanciful and hilarious ideas. ]

  • Misc: [ Quest intensity : Amount of ships that will on occasion have a quest for the player. ] [ Rampup Frequency : Rate at which all Factions will grow stronger and use higher-P designs with bigger fleets. ( and yours too! ) [ Grand Objective : ??? Defeating X number of factions? Owning X sectors? FreeRoam - ( as in none, the current normal mode ) ]

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implemented, closing

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