Explosive damage dealt over a set period of time

Margakis asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 5 comments

Margakis commented over 1 year ago

this feature request is for the ability to modify how long it takes for an explosion to deal the full amount of damage, measured in seconds. 0=all damage instantly, and each whole number is 1 second (like how lifetime and decay are measured.)

| Tankhusk commented over 1 year ago

I would like some sort of damage overtime effect like this, maybe even be bock specific :P so when it hits a block it essentially catches fire. The whole area aoe over time effect would be incredibly interesting in general, so +1

GeckGlobal commented over 1 year ago

Also a delayedExplosion feature for explosions, so you could add EXPLOSIVE to a block and MELEE and set it to detonate a few ticks after it hits for a bunker buster effect!

| manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

Zfall99 commented 17 days ago What if there was a parameter for missiles, or rather any EXPLODE tagged object, where upon contact with an enemy, instead of detonating normally, the missile would destroy itself and then there'd be a delay before the actual explosion happens at the location where the missile destroyed itself? Something like this:

blastDelay = X (amount of time in seconds)

So if blastDelay = 2, the missile would impact a ship, destroy itself / disappear, and then 2 seconds later the explosion would occur at the point where the missile destroyed itself in space. This would allow for some form of balancing for high blast radius missiles by giving the targeted ship enough time to escape the blast radius.

| manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

also add configurable explosion colors

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