Local ID relocation

Arcyriea asked for this feature 12 months ago — 6 comments

Arcyriea commented 12 months ago

Add a system that creates relocation directories whenever it detects an ID conflicts and upon asking the modder before creating a redirection directory between multiple local mods. This will function similarly to the Steam relocation

For saves that uses local modded blocks the game will change the block ID of said blocks if it detects to matches one of the ID in a local mod folder that hadn't been relocated

| Arcyriea commented 12 months ago

| Draxiss314 commented 12 months ago

It would be very nice to be able to work on more than one local mod at once.

Abstrusle commented 12 months ago

Can this be optional? I'd prefer my IDs not be relocated on a local scale.

| Owlfeathers commented 12 months ago

This would be nice as long as it asks you before relocating (so you can turn it on for some files and off for others).

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

FYI you can totally work more more than one local mod, you just have to be careful that the identifiers don't collide. You have block ids from 0-200 and 17000 to 26000 so there should be plenty of space. Use factions/groups from 20-100.

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