TAINTER, INFEST: SEED gameplays expansion

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Arcyriea commented 6 months ago

TAINTER: A weapon block that taints the ENVIRONMENTAL block, making it only habitable to any SEED blocks that has INFEST flag on or only habitable to the faction that uses the TAINTER, the block that is tainted will kill off all sort of other SEEDs (but not ROOT buildings) that is planted on it. This weapon flag could be applied to be used along with CANNON or LASER. However, an asteroid block will not be tainted as long as there is a COMMAND SEED block that is rooted in it. in which case, there will be a sort of taint shield that protects the asteroid (which of course will get weaken by the TAINTER, but the more COMMAND SEED that is planted on the block the faster the taint protection will regenerate). If the ENVIRONMENTAL block is part of a ship cluster, it cannot be TAINTED under any circumstances, until the ship itself is destroyed.

Negative value TAINTER will do the opposite like cleaning up any taints that's already been there (all factions).

INFEST: override the SEED function, making it so it can only be planted on any environmental block that has already been tainted (Even if the taint is of the other faction, making them unharmed). This flag function could be extended in the future when someone else came up with another idea that is related to this flag. When the TAINTED status of an asteroid goes away, this type of SEED will disappears along with it.

INFEST SEED also weakens and suppresses the taints protection regeneration of any other factions (except their own faction).

TAINTED: Temporary flag, also slowly tints the hue color of the asteroid block (if any), to the faction color value of the TAINTER weapon

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