Optimization and Multicore CPU Support

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AleksanderWit commented 10 months ago

I have made a few observations, none I have conducted accurately though I have seen them. Tell me if I am wrong.

The game seems to have two issues with the performance:

1: The game seems to be poorly optimized, meaning a small amount of content can take much processing power. I have for example seen that when you farm farmer crop seeds, it can slow your game down horribly when all plants launch their seeds simultaneously. Another more noticeable case is when you meet “Spiky Plants”. I believe it would be possible to make the game a bit more efficient in how it processes independent objects (ships, stations, single blocks, bullets).

2: the game seems to only be able to use two CPU cores at most from my observations. In addition it can only use one core to it’s 100% power mark or near. If it would be possible to make the game use a larger amount of CPU cores, even just 2-3 at 100% I think this would make those 12 core CPUes much more useful than what they are now.

If both these points would have been attained, even to a small degree I think Reassembly would be able to run much more demanding scenarios. Tournaments could possibly run at 1 sim speed with much larger fleets, we could run a much larger area of the map around us in campaign mode and those spiky plants would no more be as dangerous as they are.

These are all my guesses and observations on this matter. All could be wrong, do not take these as facts. I do not know anything about how Reassembly handles these things.

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