Shrapnel - Missiles or plasma

Tankhusk asked for this feature 12 months ago — 15 comments

Tankhusk commented 12 months ago

A feature that allows a projectile or block to release plasma in a specified angle of degrees or just in a full 360 at the end of its lifetime. You should be able to choose the spread, the amount of plasma released and how much damage it deals as well as range from the source. (Also add velocity in there as well)

This feature or property allows for cannons that explode with more plasma and or even missiles that explode with plasma. Not super needed but it would expand the variety and use of plasma and maybe even missile type weapons in the game. I also feel it would add a whole new layer of creativity, and would be simple to implement depending how deep you go with its implementation. ~Husk~

| VanillaJ commented 12 months ago

Fragmentation, wew!

| Tankhusk commented 12 months ago

I want my plasma cluster missiles XD

manylegged commented 12 months ago Admin

I assume plasma basically means projectiles here? So something like a cannon that just fires once when it dies?

| Owlfeathers commented 11 months ago

@manylegged - My understanding is that this request is to allow projectiles to burst into more projectiles while in flight. So for example you could make it so that the shots from a Terran plasma cannon (say the one with 1300 range) act normally for the first 1000m of their flight, but then turn into a spray of smaller projectiles which travel the remaining 300m before expiring. The spread angle, damage, and number of released projectiles, as well as the distance at which the burst occurs, would be modifiable fields.

| Tankhusk commented 11 months ago

Pretty much. It could even just be the final end of the projectile, and by projectile i do indeed mean plasma being the only uhh name for what energy the weapons fire.

As for the missiles it would be the same thing except the missile explodes and just releases plasma. Not sure if it would explode just in range or by hitting the enemy.. hmmm, overall anything at least close to this would be awesome.

| Owlfeathers commented 11 months ago

Having the burst occur at the end of the projectile's life could be achieved by just setting the burst distance to = cannon range. Missiles... are probably different enough from cannons that they wouldn't be able to reuse the same code, but you could get that sort of burst effect from a missile using the ONESHOT feature mentioned in one of the other suggestions here.

| Tankhusk commented 11 months ago

That could work to. Honestly i dont mind how it is implemented just as long as it is XD. I just went off the easiest way to do it being it just adds a explode effect and gives you some extra stats to put in for it, on the cannon or missile.

Missiles are the more interesting one, as it would kind of make them still a plasma type weapon in a sense. I do think this would be great combined with the torp turrets :P.

| CalipsoTheNymph commented 11 months ago

And the missiles could include EXPLODE as well as ONESHOT to have a fragment/high explosive shell! Nice!!

OOOH! And if the fragmentation angle was really small, it would act like an armor-piercing missile! If you give said missile a low mass, high velocity, no thrust or torque, it would be a SABOT round! Wow, ONESHOT would be very versatile. Nice one, Owl

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Implemented (tenatively):

add cannon fragment parameter which allows recursive projectiles. Use like cannon={damage=x, ..., fragment={damage=y, spread=6.2, roundsPerBurst=10, ...}}. Burstyness and other time-related parameters (except roundsPerBurst) are ignore for fragment projectiles, but you can make them explosive and change the range/damage/muzzleVel/color/etc. as usual. You can have fragments turn into more fragments if you want. The fragments come out when the projectile dies.

Leaving open though because it probably needs tweaks.

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Randomnumbers - Yesterday at 2:37 AM In response to arthur's query about applications of the forced Range and MuzzleVel parameters, here are some of said applications.

Firstly, of course are the custom cannons, but I do think those can receive some love from automatic calculations, really. Secondly, are those cannon-laser hybrids such as this thing: https://gyazo.com/f8f0a632cfbc916cb8cbc2ee220c9f7f The AI uses the cannon stats to aim, but it is the laser that is the main offensive component so it ends up missing. glorious multibarrel laser Gyazo Gyazo Thirdly, are those frag cannon shenanigans that utilize some negative range and muzzleVel to achieve some magical outcome, and of which the ai can't use properly. Although, the ones with a decent muzzleVel still works with user autoaim enabled, but not with the AI piloting.(edited) For example, this thing: https://gyazo.com/455d03a4ef336973dca6f8fa0bfb5c45 The sum of its total range is actually negative two thousand. As such, the AI cant shoot it. Gyazo Gyazo And finally, this monstrosity https://gyazo.com/61c454d9b67a711240f92c40f1512369 It's net range is also negative.

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

fragments should also be effected by cannon boosts and charge boost

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Arna57 - Today at 11:42 AM a way to change the angles of the fragments relative to the turret the shot its fragmenting from the world

possibly trough a variable that you put in the fragment's parameters that you type in relativeToWorld relativeToShot relativeToTurret etc

| Arna57 commented 11 months ago

i'd also like to suggest a "fleet builder" mechanism so you can organise a fleet for battle in a tournament as ive noticed that positioning of ships can also affect if a battle is lost or won and the AI in the sandbox doesn't work as it should inside a tournament

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Pretty much implemented. closing.

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