Circular Free-For-All Tournament Format

Lapapsnow asked for this feature 9 months ago — 3 comments

Lapapsnow commented 9 months ago

Capability to form a tournament, that spawns all included competitor fleets within a single arena instance.

Wonderful total tactical turmoil!

Proposed method:

Within the arena, is an imaginary circle. This circle, ( which would be relative to the arena size somehow, perhaps dependent on a seperate tournament variable? Or based on the current tournament spacing system? [ 1/2 Arena size ? ] ) has a perimeter, upon which the fleets will be spawned.

Fleet spawn positions are upon this circumference, and spawning will be controlled by the circumference length divided by the number of fleets.

eg. if a circumference total length is 100 units; Two competitors would be spawned, with a spacing between each other upon the circumference of 100/2 = 50 units. Resulting in: One spawned on the left hand side, and one spawned on the right hand side. ( as we would expect from a 1 v 1 )

This method would ensure easy scaling with larger tournaments. Fleet spawn direction, would be directed to the center of the arena. [ Obvious, but included for completion. ]


UI ( problematic for this ) could be stripped out and replaced with a single-focus system. Single fleet focused, based on remaining P of fleet, and remaining ships out of total ships. [ Or however you'd like it Arthur. ]

This UI solution would be in the vain of a Last Man Standing situation.

Thanks very much.

  • Lapapsnow

| manylegged commented 9 months ago Admin

From merged suggestion via Jolt/@Minecraftthedraganator: Instead of 2 fleets fighting in the arena at once it would be 4+ fleets fighting in the arena at once (I’d be fine if it stopped at 4)

| manylegged commented 4 months ago Admin

implemented, closing

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