When's Reassembly 2 coming out? ;)

sumplkrum asked for this feature 12 months ago — 7 comments

sumplkrum commented 12 months ago

First question in.

| Hamiradon commented 12 months ago


Draxiss314 commented 12 months ago

I . . . I don't understand this emoji. I'm pretty sure this suggestion is also a joke, since Arthur gets asked that a lot and Arthur has said multiple time that he's working on a new game that's not a direct successor to Reassembly, but is inspired by it(I think?).

| Abstrusle commented 12 months ago

The current game is still extremely versatile (from a player's perspective, maybe not dev's). We do not need a new Reassembly.

| sumplkrum commented 12 months ago

this suggestion was a joke because so many people ask. ... down-voted my own post. xD

| Iridius1 commented 12 months ago


Lapapsnow commented 11 months ago

We down-vote, out of love and humor! ;D

( Helps to keep it out of the way anyway. So win-win. )

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