Control Barrel Size

Draxiss314 asked for this feature 11 months ago — 5 comments

Draxiss314 commented 11 months ago

Add a tag to control the size of the barrel, both in length and width.

| Zfall99 commented 11 months ago

While projectileSize already controls the thickness/width of the barrel to an extent, a barrelLength parameter would undoubtedly be incredibly useful for making high-velocity cannons not look ridiculous. :p Ergo, I second this.

| Randommnumbers commented 11 months ago

Concerning barrelLength, you can amend this with the beta fragmentation feature by having the first projectile controlling the gun's aesthetics with a range of 0, and the second projectile having the weapon's stats such as muzzleVel and the like.

| Draxiss314 commented 10 months ago

What you are describing is a clunky workaround, and also only applies to projectile launchers. Beam weapons don't have this capability, and (last I checked) the beam barrel's aesthetics override the projectile barrel's aesthetics.

manylegged commented 8 months ago Admin

implemented, closing.

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