increase mirror-able shape scale limit

tanghao290 asked for this feature 11 months ago — 4 comments

tanghao290 commented 11 months ago

it may allow modder stack more hull block in single palette slot , and keep work space nice and clean

currently only scale (1~10) customized shape can be mirror-able . if a shape contain more than 10 scales , the rest of them can not apply to "mirror of" function .

| tanghao290 commented 11 months ago

manylegged今天凌晨12点18分 @Uiharu Oh you're right, its broken. I fixed it. You need to put ONEUSE on the launcher now which probably makes more sense anyway - that way you can have oneuse launchers launching non-oneuse drones. @BobTheBuilder What do you want to do with this? I'm not sure quite what you mean by trigger @NSGCommando That seems reasonable. Lets try it setting NO_PARENT for seeds. @Jewsus there is a feathub for thruster keybindings - please add your suggestions! https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+41 I've been wanting to have like a "run/boost" button for a while, some kind of binding for boost thrusters. Maybe some kind of super powerful thrusters that use a ton of energy or self destruct after a certain amount of time. @tanghao I increased it to 32

| tanghao290 commented 11 months ago

32 scale limit may enough for most mod so far .

this thread can mark closed

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin


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