Palette Ship / Easier way to add blocks to the available palette, rather than needing a palette ship.

VanillaJ asked for this feature 11 months ago — 4 comments

VanillaJ commented 11 months ago

Right now the easiest way to get blocks into the palette for a mod, is to make a palette ship. Which you basically throw every block on a ship, and save it into the mod, making all of those blocks usable in the campaign. There are a few issues with this, being: - The palette ship can spawn normally like any ship, and it's hard to stop this from happening. - Takes a while to make a palette ship. - Alternative is to make a dozen ships with a lot of different blocks. A ship in your mod has to use a block in order for it to show up in the campaign. This is a struggle since most ship builders for a mod want to build in the campaign, not the sandbox.

So hopefully something can be done about this, either by making it so we can disable the palette ship from spawning, or changing the system where ships in the mod determine what blocks appear, and which ones don't.

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Randomnumbers - Today at 9:07 PM Regarding the palette ship, maybe a PALETTE feature, opposed to the NOPALETTE, PALETTE adds the block to the campaign palette.

Tankhusk commented 11 months ago


manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

implemented PALETTE

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