Owlfeathers asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 11 comments

Owlfeathers commented almost 2 years ago

For making weapons never fire or fire constantly, respectively. Hard for me to easily explain where these would be useful, but there are quite a few applications for both in regard to modding.

| Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

I need this. pls.

| wowie-sucks-at-life commented almost 2 years ago

ALWAYSFIRE would be nice, but i can't understand neverfire


| Owlfeathers commented almost 2 years ago

@wowie-sucks-at-life: Most straightforward example I can think of is a launcher which produces large, inert blocks. Since launcher projectiles begin regenerating immediately after being launched/destroyed (come to think of it, launcherRegenDelay would be a good idea for a new block field), this combined with NEVERFIRE would create a "launcher" which produces a continually-regenerating armour panel.

manylegged commented almost 2 years ago Admin

Implemented ALWAYSFIRE

| Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

still waiting for NEVERFIRE :'D

manylegged commented almost 2 years ago Admin

Are there other use cases for NEVERFIRE? I feel like Owlfeather's example could implemented by just making the armor panels part of the ship and tweaking growRate?

| Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

There's still the disrupt time before regeneration can start and the ship begins to regrow; using launchers to grow the armor allows for the armor to regenerate constantly, and also allows for the energy consumption to be set when the replicateBlock is destroyed and the launcher builds a new one. I've managed to get by the problem by fooling the autofire mechanism by adding an EXPLODE feature and setting it's lifetime and explodeRadius to 0.001, however it still occasionally does it. But now that the problem is mostly resolved, I guess it's up to you. Maybe change the NEVERFIRE tag to prevent the ai from constantly checking it's firing conditions and also stop the weapon from showing up on the weapon bindings menu? On larger ships, that screen becomes a mess of yellow lines with all those launcher hull pieces.

| inf30 commented almost 2 years ago

If we make the launcher larger than the replicated, NEVERFIRE can be used to enforce minimum spacing between the replicated block - probably useful for balance if the replicated have INVULNERABLE or high meleeDamage.

| Owlfeathers commented almost 2 years ago

More use cases for NEVERFIRE:

  • What Randomnumbers said (regarding disrupt time interaction with NEVERFIRE launcher armour).
  • NEVERFIRE charging weapons which charge up but don't fire, so that the charge glow acts as a light.
  • 0 turretSpeed NEVERFIRE lasers which serve as aesthetic antenna pieces (can somewhat create these with thin ISOTRIs, but they get stuck on everything - and if you give them NOCLIP to prevent that, they become near-indestructible clutter upon getting shot off).
  • Various NEVERFIRE weapons using the dynamic turret graphics for aesthetics without having them function as actual weapons (e.g. gratings/grilles created via NEVERFIRE, 0 turretSpeed cannon with high roundsPerSec, low damage, and low velocity).

manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

implemented, closing

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