Oscillating / slashing beam

inf30 asked for this feature 10 months ago — 5 comments

inf30 commented 10 months ago

Similar to cannon's spread, make beams able to swing back and forth up to certain degree and another value to control the angular velocity. Possibly a mechanic to randomize initial beam angle so multiple slashing beams don't sync.

| Owlfeathers commented 9 months ago

This would be pretty neat, and would also help serve as a balancing mechanism for powerful lasers when making mods (so as to prevent them from just cutting straight through a ship so easily) - angular velocity field is probably not needed though since turretSpeed would already control that adequately.

| Tankhusk commented 9 months ago

This sounds tricky to implement but i would love it. It reminds me of liberation circuits beams, which work pretty well. +1

VanillaJ commented 9 months ago

All I see in my head now is a wiggly laser worm... Great.

| inf30 commented 7 months ago

Perhaps a more generalized way to implement this is by "auto rotate" mechanic. Modders can specify auto rotate arc and maybe velocity. Turret will automatically rotate back and forth within specified arc. This allows the feature to work with any turreted weapon.

  • This mechanic could probably be separated from with existing turret arc and AI. For instance laser may auto rotate 15 deg but turret itself have 180 deg arc

  • If auto rotate arc is 360 deg, should probably auto rotate in one direction only

  • With NEVERFIRE one can create rotating radar dish or something

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