Entire-ship shield

inf30 asked for this feature 11 months ago — 5 comments

inf30 commented 11 months ago

Projects shield over the entire ship instead of fixed circle

| Iridius1 commented 11 months ago

Would be atleast moderately intensive on resources I imagine: It's much, much easier to just have a circle because calculations when the shield is expanding again when regenerating.

| inf30 commented 11 months ago

I agree complex shapes is a no-go. Maybe we can use the existing collision detection of the ship? For instance when any part of the ship is hit, redirect damage to shield instead. This will remove the expanding shield effect though.

Approach #2 is make the module auto-generate ( circle / oval / minimum convex polygon ) that covers the entire ship + a little padding.

On an unrelated note, if we use multiple modules with differ stats, how should they stack? I imagine additive stacking. This allows possibility of modular parts, some adding health while some adding regen. At the same time opacity and delay will generally go up with more modules.

| Draxiss314 commented 11 months ago

I like inf30's idea. At that point, it's basically an integrity field generator. If we go that route, I'd suggest it absorbs either a certain percentage or certain value of damage per effect (or per second), as well as had a replenishing rate.

| AleksanderWit commented 10 months ago

Maybe there would be something to learn from the shield bechanics in this game: https://linleyh.itch.io/liberation-circuit It would be a good idea to download it and see how these work in-game.

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