Cannon/laser support for shapes with multiple WEAPON_OUT

inf30 asked for this feature 11 months ago — 2 comments

inf30 commented 11 months ago

Current cannon/laser with such shapes only use one WEAPON_OUT port to fire. Feature request to make weapon use all ports to fire.

- Possible application includes: Spread shot with uniform spread. Multiple barrel spinal-mounted weapon. Superlaser made from multiple lasers in parallel.

- Weapon could cycle through the ports in a loop. roundsPerBurst to make all ports fire at once.

- Not sure how will turreted weapon support this, perhaps let us define custom barrel shape?

- May pose trouble for AI aiming, perhaps make AI aim with the first WEAPON_OUT and ignore the rest? Alternative would be to have single WEAPON_OUT where the AI will use and a new tag for the extra weapon ports

| inf30 commented 11 months ago

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