Separate kSlowGrowRate cvar into kSlowShieldRegen and kSlowBlockRegen

Owlfeathers asked for this feature 11 months ago — 2 comments

Owlfeathers commented 11 months ago

kSlowGrowRate is a cvar which currently reduces block and shield regen rate in tournament mode (80% reduction by default). Slowing block regen makes sense since it makes ships more likely to actually die instead of regenerating all damage they take, and thus reduces tournament match duration. However, since the same cvar also slows shield regeneration, most tournaments disable it because it weakens shields to the point of being mostly useless - as such, I'd like to see these two functions separated into two different cvars.

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

Implemented kShieldRegenRate (1 value for tournaments and main game)

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