Range and MuzzleVel Overriding

Randommnumbers asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 7 comments

Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

Currently, stuff like custom cannons and the new fancy beta fragmentation cannon projectiles make it so that the AI becomes confused on how to use the weapons.

A simple range and muzzleVel override for the sole purpose of the AI working properly with the cannons. Or you can be fancy and have it calculate these automatically, but it may be preferable to use a hard override as you can go some fancy things with the frag cannons. Or even both /shrug

manylegged commented almost 2 years ago Admin

Can you add some specific examples of things you would like to do which don't work well with the existing system? I would like to at least try to improve the automatic stuff before adding manual hints.

| Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

Will do.

| Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

Pasted from the Discord:

In response to arthur's query about applications of the forced Range and MuzzleVel parameters, here are some of said applications.

Firstly, of course are the custom cannons, but I do think those can receive some love from automatic calculations, really. Secondly, are those cannon-laser hybrids such as this thing: https://gyazo.com/f8f0a632cfbc916cb8cbc2ee220c9f7f The AI uses the cannon stats to aim, but it is the laser that is the main offensive component so it ends up missing. Thirdly, are those frag cannon shenanigans that utilize some negative range and muzzleVel to achieve some magical outcome, and of which the ai can't use properly. Although, the ones with a decent muzzleVel still works with user autoaim enabled, but not with the AI piloting. For example, this thing: https://gyazo.com/455d03a4ef336973dca6f8fa0bfb5c45 The sum of its total range is actually negative two thousand. As such, the AI cant shoot it. And finally, this monstrosity https://gyazo.com/61c454d9b67a711240f92c40f1512369 It's net range is also negative.

manylegged commented almost 2 years ago Admin

woweToday at 6:37 AM could we have the ability to set custom AI engagement ranges for weapons? with some gimmicky weapons, the range in numbers is a lot shorter than the actual range. i'm trying to make a mod, and one of my current major setbacks is the AI not knowing how to shoot half the weapons i make, so i propose this

a cannon/laser block field that's like, engagementRange=some number

it'd basically be range, but instead of modifying the cannons range it'd modify what range the AI tries to use it at

Braidedheadman commented almost 2 years ago

There may be some overlap between this and another requested feathub:


Iridius1 commented over 1 year ago

A range and muzzleVel override would be much appreciated. I have multi-barrel cannon|laser point defense beams, but either I have to set muzzleVel to really high levels and the beam spawns quite a distance away from the barrel or the AI fails hard at using it.

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